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Custom Orthotics for New Milford

Scans of your feet reveal pressure points, loss of arch and other critical information.

Scans of your feet reveal pressure points, loss of arch and other critical information.

Better Posture Starts With Your Feet

It surprises many that we often focus on the feet, when the problem seems located in the neck, upper or lower spinal regions. Yet, just like your hips and pelvis are the foundation of your spine,  your feet are the foundation of your whole body. Problems in one area can create problems in the other due to compensation. Your feet can have imbalances, even if you have no pain in your feet at all!

Weight-Bearing Scanning

We use Digital Scanning Technology that analyzes the pressures on your feet. First, we use a high-tech digital scanner to take a picture of the bottoms of your feet while you are standing. This image records areas of stress on each foot and analyzes your feet showing us if you are putting the heaviest pressure on the insides, outsides, fronts or backs of each foot.

Though they may go unnoticed, these subtle imbalances can contribute to poor posture and spinal misalignments, ankle and foot weaknesses, knee pain, hip problems, head tilt, forward leaning head and stooped posture, as well as, general fatigue.

Custom orthotics are like eyeglasses for your feet–they can make a dramatic difference.

If needed, unique, one-of-a-kind, custom-made inserts are made specifically for you and your feet using up to 16 data-points from the digital scan. They can be placed into your sneakers, boots or shoes to effectively balance your feet – the body’s foundation.

That’s why we recommend Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers by a company called Foot Levelers.  They aren’t like the rigid, plastic ones from the old days.  They are soft, flexible and comfortable. They adapt to you, so you enjoy them right away and start getting the benefits as soon as you put your feet in your shoes.  And, they can be moved to other pairs of shoes, too.

Unlike mail-order or generic, off-the-rack chain-store inserts that focus only on one arch, these stabilizing orthotics are individually created for your unique postural and spinal problems supporting the three arches in our feet offering more than just short-term symptom relief. They promote whole-body wellness for life. This helps not only your feet, but your whole body and spine.

Call today for your free evaluation including a digital scan

Place these comfortable, supportive spinal pelvic stabilizers orthotics in your shoes

Spinal pelvic stabilizing orthotics are supportive and comfortable.

Whether you work indoors in an office or school, or you are outdoors in construction or plumbing if you are on your feet for more than four hours a day, you should get scanned to see your digital footprint. Since these orthotics support all three arches in your feet and are constructed just for you, they have a much higher level of effectiveness than those gel ones from stores or mail-order.  This creates a healthier, more attractive posture, plus a more stable foundation for your entire body.

Custom inserts help you hold your adjustments longer, and they absorb shock, too. Best of all, not only do they work great, they feel great!  They can be used by all ages — from kids and teens to seniors.  For runners and walkers. And, if you are active in sports, casual or hard-core, these orthotics help to optimize your performance by utilizing energy more efficiently and give you the competitive edge by providing a more balanced and level foundation. This helps to minimize injuries and time missed from your favorite sport. This is especially important for the school-age athlete to the weekend warrior.


BIG NEWS!  If you like to wear sandals and flip-flops, now you can have them custom-made where the foot bed is made for your feet using this technology so you get all the benefits described above!  Call for more information.

So call our New Milford chiropractic office today to schedule a digital scan at no charge!