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How-has-chiropractic-helped-you“Wonders never cease…I’m building stonewalls again!”

I have been recovering from a “slipped disc” in my back for the past 6-7 months starting in November/December of 2012. As we are an instant gratification society, I wanted to be “fixed” immediately. But I was brought up short instead. I pretty much had to stop all activities, which is very difficult to do. My path of recovery was filled with appointments. Starting with the orthopedic surgeon, physical therapists, the pain management doctor, Pilates, yoga, etc. My back felt like a pretzel, my calf still hurt, but not as much. I was standing at my desk to work for a few hours a day and would return to bed to get relief from the pain. I said, ‘this is no quality of life here.’ So I said, “Enough with the medical approach.” The anti-inflammatory medicine, Naproxen, continues to help with the symptoms but not the cause and does not untwist the body. And, pain remained my constant companion—perhaps a saving grace—as I could not “overdo anything” at this point. Again, taking matters into my own hands and being my own advocate, I inquired about Chiropractic Care. I have known Dr. Arthur Klein, from Family First Chiropractic and Wellness Center in New Milford, CT for almost 20 years. He examined me and came up with a plan of recovery. I found a doctor that believed in my healing process, but from a different angle.  A chiropractor actually sets the stage for the body to heal itself. An idea I had heard before, but did not necessarily appreciate. Dr. Klein and I followed his “plan of care.” He tweaked it as needed as we went along. With Dr. Klein as the competent doctor and with my compliance as a patient, the plan worked. My body is untwisted. I have little or no pain. I stand up straighter than ever before. At this time, I’m four months along in this “recovery process.” I am back to my hobby of building stonewalls, though somewhat differently than before; I am very conscious of lifting properly. I continue on my journey of recovery with ease and poise now. Michael Gold

Back to living an active life – running, hiking, working out!

By the time I came to Family First Chiropractic my back was really affecting my daily life. I had a sharp pain in my lower back that went all the way down the back of my legs. I couldn’t reach over and touch my toes or straighten up. Advil helped a little, but it didn’t stop the back spasms or leg cramps. I mostly had to deal with that by limiting activities that would seem to cause the spasms. Now I am able to get back to living an active life – running, hiking, working out and enjoying outdoor activities all summer. Would I recommend Chiropractic health care to others? Absolutely! The best part is that I have been able to recover without using painkillers! Steve C.

“Back at Pilates and I can now bike 70 miles per week!”

Before I went to see Dr. Klein, I considered going to an orthopedic doctor for neck and shoulder pain. I had stopped going to Pilates and riding my bike and was generally in discomfort and pain. My primary care doctor had prescribed prednisone. I wasn’t comfortable with either option at this point, but still wasn’t sure chiropractic care was the right option. So I called Dr. Klein’s office. This was the right move for me. I started seeing him in April 3x a week and within a few sessions, began to experience less pain and more hope. Soon I saw him 2x a week and then 1x a week. Gradually the pain disappeared; I was back at Pilates and found simple ways to modify a few of the exercises so as not to irritate my neck. I also was back on my bike, enjoying the scenery and proud of the 70 miles per week that I biked. I think I sleep better, I know I stand straighter, and I feel confident that I made a good decision to see Dr. Klein. I will continue with appointments every 2 weeks – my appointments with him complement my time a the gym. I have osteoporosis in my spine and hips – Dr. Klein’s techniques are gentle and that’s important for those fragile bones. So, all in all, this has been a healthy addition to my life. I would definitely recommend the Practice to friends. Dr. Klein and Hillary are welcoming, listen well, care about their patients. They have a healthy outlook on life; they also know when a person needs the care of a medical doctor. I have found the quality of care to be excellent. Through my experience with Chiropractic Care, I’m convinced I’m healthier! Sue M.

Back to enjoying the outdoors – hiking, biking, kayaking, skating, skiing!

I had a compression of the lower spine that had been getting worse over time. I reached a point where I would have spasms and could not easily do anything. I didn’t know how bad the condition was, and I was improving with heat pads, but not solving or healing the injury. I now have full flexibility with regular chiropractic adjustments. Continuing visits and adjustments maintain my spine and bodily systems. Chiropractic adjustments should be routine for everyone, like visiting the dentist. Chiropractic adjustments optimize bodily systems. D.H.

Help with Asthma? Breathing easier now!

Before Chiropractic Care, I had huge trouble with my breathing. My back was hurting around the clock and I have this accompanying twitch that I do with my neck and I couldn’t stop twitching. I tried inhalers, ‘cracking’ my own back, having my sister walk on my back and stop twitching my neck. Now, my breathing has been way better and I haven’t taken inhalants in a while. My sister hasn’t walked on my back because I don’t need it walked on. My twitch has stopped slightly and I have been more active than I was before I was under chiropractic care. I would certainly recommend chiropractic to people with asthma because it helped me with my asthma so I would hope it would help others as well. Z. B. Age 12

Living life to the fullest with chiropractic care!

I have a chronic low back and neck condition stemming from prior low-grade injuries, arthritis and the aging process. I was in constant discomfort and suffered severe headaches. Mobility was hampered along with decreased ability to concentrate. Originally physical therapy with pain medicine helped. CT scans verified deteriorated discs. My orthopedist determined I had a 15% disability. I knew I had to take proactive steps when I was told I had the vertebrae of a person much older than my actual age. Regular chiropractic visits have helped immensely in reducing and often eliminating pain completely. I am much more mobile. Seeing Dr. Klein who has taken ‘great pains’ to work with me on a personalized program has allowed me to do things I would no longer be able to do.
Chiropractic health care is non-invasive and keeps the body’s overall system working smoothly and pain free. Medication only treats the symptoms. Regular adjustments treat the cause of pain caused by misalignment. We have only one life to live. Why not take care of what we have and live it to the fullest! A.F.

No more trouble sleeping!

I had trouble sleeping and a lot of back pain. My sleep has improved and my back pain is minimal. My TMJ is also improved! I feel better overall and relate it to the care I get at Family First Chiropractic. When I feel good, I am a happier person! Sandy S.

Healing comes from the inside!

I suffered periodic lower back pain. Sitting on the ground playing with my children caused some pain and discomfort. Some days I awoke to pain in my lower back. I now notice that my body automatically makes spinal adjustments, even when I take deep breaths. Sitting on the ground and awaking in the mornings is painless and no, I did not change my bed. Yes, I would recommend Chiropractic Health Care to others. Healing begins within and with chiropractic care, the body can align itself to start and complete the process. J. Smith

Over 40 years of Chiropractic Care!

Going back about four decades, Chiropractic Care resulted in the disappearance of terrible migraine headaches and sciatic pain. Problems with mobility involving my left leg no longer exist. Recently, I was x-rayed by an orthopedic doctor under advice from my primary doctor for swelling of the right heel area which impaired mobility. Nothing was prescribed except pain killers. After visiting with Dr. Klein of Family First Chiropractic, I am free of the debilitating pain in my foot and have an overall feeling of well-being. I most certainly recommend Chiropractic Health Care to others as I have for years now. I always recommend Chiropractic Care to people I know and meet everyday. Ann W.

My whole life was affected…

I was in so much pain, pretty much through my whole body. It affected sleeping, working, walking, sitting, my emotions and my family. I thought it would go away by itself, but I was wrong. It didn’t. I used heat and Tylenol. After the first adjustment I felt some relief, then better each and every one after. I am sleeping, walking and sitting better. I am able to work without as much pain. I am standing straighter and can bend over to tie my shoes. I would recommend Chiropractic Care and have given out Dr. Klein’s name to many of my friends at work. Pam S.

Why I see Dr. Klein monthly…

I have been seeing Dr. Klein for about a month and a half now and I feel sooo much better. I have been having problems walking up/down steps and was generally having difficulty moving for almost a year. I have been seeing him three times a week and my progress has been pretty AMAZING! I can now continuously walk up/down steps instead of taking one step at a time and I’m walking without a limp. He also helped me so much about ten years ago when I pulled something in my back just before our scheduled vacation to California. He worked with me just about every day and we were able to take our vacation as planned. However, I made a mistake back then. I stopped my visits once I was feeling better. I don’t intend to make that mistake again and will continue to see Dr. Klein once a month! Cindy H.

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